Microgaming services over 120 online casinos and over 40 Poker rooms on the Internet. They provide platforms for land and wireless casino games. Their software also supports multi-language and multi-player games. They offer over 400 unique games, along with localized play. The action of the gaming software is fast.

microgaming software is the power behind the world's leading progressive jackpots and poker. The Microgaming network is so grand and powerful that host thousands of players at one time, simultaneously. They also allow for casino networking. Players can watch the jackpot grow from casino to casino. With this software everyone has a chance to win. Microgaming has paid out over $280 million and has made 14 people millionaires.

Operators world wide rely on Microgaming to provide the best innovative technology and service in the industry. They enable casinos to to increase their profits and keep customers coming back for more.

Leading operators choose Microgaming to power their poker rooms and casinos. Microgaming represents durability in software and excitement in gaming. A major incentive for operators to become a partner is the dedicated and outstanding account management team put at their finger tips. Operators can join in Microgaming conference and offer ideas and solutions with other Microgaming operators. There excellent service offers include 24/7 customer and technical support, training, frequent new game releases and feature updates, system maintenance, research and development, and business development assistance.

Microgaming has one of the best reputations in the industry. Fairness, integrity and credibility are their priorities in the world of online gambling. They use credible technologies such as CashCheck and PlayCheck, which allows users to play back the latest plays for additional confidence when playing the game. Online casinos also benefit from some of these features too:

1. PlayCheck allows operators to view each players activity a simple easy-to-read statement.
2. CashCheck enables players to view their status, whether they are up or down, by checking payouts and purchases.
3. Payout reports are provided to help keep up with how much money any casino is paying out. Operators simply need to access the independently audit reports at casinos' website.
4. Game reports players to view auditors' reports at participating online casinos.

Their payment processing is efficient, secure and safe. They work closely with AIM, a processing company- Datacash Group, to make sure timely and secure payment processing for all Microgaming powered online casinos.